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Education Department Italian Consulate

The Italian Consulate education Department,

through a programme organised on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to promote the teaching of Italian in British schools as a means of spreading Italian language and culture.

Our courses are delivered both by a contingent of experienced and qualified full time teachers from Italian state schools, especially selected to teach abroad, and by local teachers recruited in Great Britain, by  nonprofit organizations partially funded by the Italian Government.

We have an inspirational staff, true ambassadors of Italian language and culture.

Quality is a priority for us and we aim to build a successful teaching program in order to achieve the best possible results for the students.

Therefore the our Education Department works to establish partnesrships and sign agreements with the best schools in the country.

Thanks to the Italian Government funding, it can provide them with our qualified staff for the whole academic year.

In order to know more about this valuable opportunity, please contact: Mara Emanuela Luongo, the education director of  the Italian Consulate – [email protected]

You can visit our website to download some teaching materials, and to be inforhmed about initiatives and project regarding the Italian language.