Newnham News 14 luglio 2017

Newsletter della Newnham Croft School di Cambridge

in merito alle attivita’ organizzate dalla nostra insegnante Maria Carmen Triola:

Italian Day

On Monday the children taking Italian at Newnham Croft
in Y1/2C and 1/2N prepared and made a delicious lunch
for all the children at Newnham Croft Primary school.
They have started naming all the ingredients in Italian and
English and they found out the similarities in spelling for
example, basil that in Italian is basilico, and the same for
peach which in Italian is pesca, and many more. They
made a drawing of each and every ingredient, and then
they prepared a sign post for all their other class mates!
This is part of the Italian culture and also this helps the
children improve their life skills such as cooking in a
professional way and respecting the time it takes to cook
each ingredient and prepare a meal for over 150 hungry
students. They all enjoyed making food and I am sure
now that they will appreciate their dinners, lunches and
breakfast. Many thanks to Ms Noble and the kitchen staff
for providing the ingredients and pots and pans to make
such an amazing and delicious meal. Thank you so much,
very well done to all the students that helped cook the
lunch! Maria Carmen Triola, Teacher of Italian

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