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medicalxpress.com 2 ottobre 2017

It is often claimed that people who are bilingual are better than monolinguals at learning languages. Now, the first study to examine bilingual and monolingual brains as they learn an additional language offers new...

Newnham Croft School

Newnham News 21 ottobre 2016 2017

All’attenzione del Dirigente Scolastico Prof.ssa LUONGO. Gentilissima Dirigente, ecco in allegato la newsletter della scuola Newnham Croft Primary School di Cambridge, che ha recensito il lavoro svolto con i bambini della scuola, di year...


m.medicalxpress.com 4 giugno 2014

Growing up in a multilingual home has many advantages, but many parents worry that exposure to multiple languages might delay language acquisition. New research could now lay some of these multilingual myths to rest,...